Bourbon Peach Tea


Iced tea is pretty much the best summer relaxy-time drink ever. I’ve also discovered that iced tea and bourbon are pretty much the bestest friends ever. (Exhibit A: True Grit drink #1. Exhibit B: True Grit drink #2.) Well, here’s another easy and delicious drink to make with these two BFFs. 

Bourbon Peach Tea:
2 oz. bourbon
Peach iced tea
Lemon juice

Put ice in a rocks glass, add bourbon, fill glass with iced tea, and squeeze lemon juice into glass.

We made two of these last night: one with Four Roses and one with Maker’s Mark. For a smoother, iced tea-ier flavor, Four Roses is better. The Maker’s Mark aftertaste lingers more and is more evident in the flavor. Obviously, another option is to add more bourbon. Don’t overdo it with the lemon juice, though. It can easily upstage both the bourbon and the tea.

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