There Will Be Bourbon Is Back!


Hello, everyone!  We’re back!  We’re getting settled into our West Coast home, which means we’re finally able to start writing about bourbon again.  Words can’t really express how excited we are to get back to bourbon blogging.  We decided to announce our return with an old fashioned.  It’s a simple cocktail, but it’s always delicious once you’ve figured out exactly how you like your old fashioned.  You know the drill: sugar, water, (or simple syrup), bourbon, orange, and a cherry (if that’s what you like).

Thank you to our readers who waited for us, and welcome to all of you new followers who jumped on board while we were on hiatus.  It might take some time before we get back into a regular posting schedule, but we promise we’ll bring you bourbon reviews and cocktail recipes whenever possible.

We’re also pleased to announce our partnership with Bourbon Built, a company that makes wonderful prints, clothing, and accessories for bourbon lovers.

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