Bourbon Honey

It’s no secret that bourbon and honey go well together.  They share many of the same types of flavors, like vanilla, spice, and floral.  We recently ran across an exceptional honey at our local honey boutique (this is a real place, we promise), and once we tasted it, we knew it had to be paired with bourbon.

The honey is from the Atchafalaya Basin in Louisiana, where the hives are kept on a boat in a swamp.  The bees have access to a host of interesting plants and transfer these unique flavors to the honey.  Also, because of their remote location, the nectar doesn’t have as much exposure to pesticides and other contaminants.  The resulting honey is seriously delicious.


Bourbon Honey
¼ cup honey
1 oz. bourbon

Combine the honey and bourbon over low heat until the bourbon is well incorporated.  Cool completely before using.


Bourbon honey will be delicious in a number of applications.  We tried it first on top of some Scottish shortbread and we’ll also be using it in hot toddies.  We can imagine it would make a wonderful accompaniment to pork and chicken, as well as roasted vegetables.

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