Beer Fashioned Cocktail

Every so often we come across a spirit or cocktail that seems so strange that we absolutely have to try it.  The beer fashioned from The Kitchy Kitchen is one of those cocktails.  It’s an old fashioned, but with beer.  We can never get used to beer cocktails for some reason.  Our curiosity got the best of us though, and we’re glad it did.


Beer Fashioned
1 oz. bourbon
2 oz. wheat-style ale
2-3 dashes Angostura bitters
1 tsp. brown sugar
Orange twist

In an old fashioned glass, add brown sugar, then a few dashes of Angostura bitters.  Add the bourbon, then muddle until the sugar dissolves.  Put an ice cube or ball in the glass, then add the beer.  Squeeze the orange twist over the mixture and wipe the inside of the glass with the twist.


We were pleasantly surprised by how good this cocktail is.  We used Ommegang Witte, a Belgian-style wheat ale that, on its own was very light and flavorful, with a slight orange note.  In the cocktail, the bitters, bourbon, and sugar add a little deeper complexity to the beer while highlighting the orange.  The carbonation of the ale also makes the beer fashioned similar to a bourbon and soda.  We highly recommend this cocktail.  Experimenting with different beers gives the beer fashioned infinite possibilities.

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