Larceny Bourbon Review

We haven’t tried a new bourbon in much too long, so we were pretty excited to give this Larceny Bourbon a try.  Larceny is a new whiskey that launched in September.  The official website for  Larceny has a downloadable brochure and press release that contains quite a bit of background information.  Larceny uses wheat instead of rye and is “drawn from barrels aged 6 to 12 years” from the fourth, fifth, and sixth floors of Heaven Hill warehouses.  We’ll spare you the details of the legend behind this bourbon’s namesake, since most of these stories are cheesy and really don’t say much about how the bourbon tastes.  If you do want to read it, it’s available at the Larceny site (and also in a summarized version on the bottle).  The package design doesn’t affect the bourbon’s taste either, but we will note the key on the inside of the back of the bottle showing through the keyhole on the front is a nice design detail.

Larceny appears very dark, almost brown, with a touch of amber red, almost cinnamon in color.  Cinnamon is appropriate, since its scent reminded me of apple pie with alcohol.  Rachel was more specific, noting it smells of roasted cinnamon apples with a hint of ethanol.  The sweet apple flavor carries the taste as well.  I thought Larceny had an almost one-sided sweetness in that its apple, caramel, and hint of raisin was the most apparent.  It didn’t quite overwhelm the bourbon, but I thought a little more spice or woody flavor would have balanced Larceny and pushed it from a good to an excellent bourbon.  Rachel did find a peppery finish that I didn’t detect.  Overall, Larceny is a good bourbon, especially at its price point of about $25 for a 750ml bottle (though slightly more in our state of MA, like all other liquor).

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