House Spirits White Whiskey Aged with Oak Cubes

About 3½ months ago, we tossed a few charred oak cubes into a 350 ml bottle of House Spirits White Dog to see what would happen.  We’ve been checking in on it, tasting small samples of it until last night, when we decided it had become tasty enough to drink up.  

Overall, we were surprised at how smooth the whiskey became.  It turned a nice glassy amber with good clarity. It still had the same medicinal smell as the original white whiskey, but it picked up a number of fun flavors.  (Rachel still couldn’t get over the scent, though she really liked the taste.)  It tasted like apple juice and vanilla on the tongue, with the charred oak flavor coming on strong in the linger, which kept going for quite a while.  Rachel also caught a note of red table grapes.  This whiskey isn’t very spicy, but is full-bodied.

We decided to save most of the whiskey for a special occasion like, say, the off chance we have a bunch of people over to taste different whiskeys.  Bonus: here’s the monkey cozy we’ve been keeping the whiskey in while it grows up.  You’ve seen it before, but it’s still awesome:

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