Kumquat Sour

We have been making as many cocktails as possible with kumquats while our little stock is still fresh and probably the most obvious way to drink them is in a sour.  Seriously, have you ever eaten a kumquat?  Holy tartness!  We adapted a recipe from the cutely named blog Two Tarts for our version of a kumquat whiskey sour.

Kumquat Sour
1 lemon
1 lime
6 kumquats
2 Tbsp. honey
1 Tbsp. water
4 oz. bourbon

Juice the lemon and lime.  Slice the kumquats lengthwise and remove pits.  Combine kumquats, lemon and lime juice, honey, and water in a food processor.  Strain to remove pulp.  Shake this homemade sour mix with bourbon and ice and strain into two lowball glasses, with additional crushed ice if desired.  Garnish with fresh kumquat.

We used a stronger bourbon, Old Weller Antique, to stand up against the citrus flavors.  At first I considered using the kumquat simple syrup in the sour mix, but I decided to diversify the flavors a bit by using honey for sweetener instead.  Also, I am always eager to use my magnificent goldenrod honey from Warm Colors Apiary in Deerfield, MA.  The only downside to using this honey was that it turned the drink a rather unappetizing shade of brown.  Rest assured that this is a very appetizing cocktail.

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