Berkshire Bourbon Review

After our last bourbon review, you’d think we wouldn’t immediately jump on trying a new bourbon again. But that’s what we’re here for. To be fair, we were already familiar with the Berkshire Mountain Distillers. We enjoyed their Ice Glen Vodka¬†very much, which we tried after a wordnerdy vacation trip to the Berkshires to tour the homes of Herman Melville and Edith Wharton.¬†

The first noticeable aspect of Berkshire Bourbon is how dark it is in the bottle but light in the glass. It has a very red amber color in the bottle, but once poured, it’s a lot lighter and more of a golden color. (The picture above doesn’t do justice to the golden color. It is probably reflecting the color from the bottle and the wood it’s sitting on.) Its aroma is light and only slightly sweet. The light color in the glass reflects its flavor. I noted that it reminded me a little bit of Jameson whiskey, only with a bit of bourbon sweetness, especially toffee and vanilla flavors. Rachel said the cask isn’t as evident as it could or maybe should be, and I agree. At first I didn’t think it had much spice to it, but Rachel did. We talked about it and I conceded that though I didn’t taste the spice while I was drinking, its finish left a subtle but lasting pepper taste on my tongue. Berkshire Bourbon seems like it would be very good in cocktails also. The only drawback is, at about $40, there are some higher quality bourbons in the same price range. For reference, here are our 33 Books reviews of Berkshire Bourbon.

A sidenote: when we were taking the plastic wrapping off of the cap, we noticed a small amount of liquid (and a bourbon smell) on the outside of the bottle under the plastic. It is possible that we got a wonky bottle with an ill-fitting cap because the Ice Glen Vodka has the same design with no leakage, but we thought it was worth noting.

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