Hirsch Selection Small Batch Reserve Review

Sometimes we get stuck in the bourbon aisle unable to decide between an old favorite or something different. Opting to try something new, we landed on this bottle of Hirsch Selection Small Batch Reserve. I’m not even sure why we decided to go with Hirsch, and we wish now we’d stuck with an old standby.

We actually could have predicted that this wouldn’t be a stand-out bourbon from the packaging (it looks like it belongs in a High Noon poster), but we thought we would try to prove our design snob tendencies wrong by giving it a fair try.

It’s not that the Hirsch was bad. It wasn’t. It just wasn’t good. It wasn’t really…anything. Its aroma was smooth and subtle to the point of being difficult to pick out any specific scent. Its flavor reflected this. Patrick thought it was too sweet, but wasn’t sure if there was too much vanilla, citrus, or toffee flavors. Rachel disagreed, thinking it wasn’t sweet at all but instead tasted like oak and tannins—a bit earthy even. There was a bit of fire and a strong finish at first, which dissipated after a while. Overall, this bottle of Hirsch seemed unfinished and unbalanced. At about $35 a bottle, there are better bourbons sitting next to it on the shelf.

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